How to add a META tags to Blog post and Websites


Almost every webmaster and blogger is aware of META tags, but strong it’s your own META tags. Let me say that most of the new bloggers did not know this, so I just want to cheapen this to your hearing that META tag is very important and there are many ways and methods of META tag.  

What is a META tag?
What the meaning of the META tag, its only describe the content of your page and what some one can get on your website or blog (information). There is simple method and there is an advance method too, but I will be talking on the simple method. In he main sense, META tag is been used for search engine optimization (SEO). But the element you can use on your META tag are: description, keywords, author, year, rebots, rating, country, language and so on.

How to generate this META tag?
The best way of generating this META tag is by input it by yourself, but how, yes this the question you can ask yourself but it is simple on your PC just open the NOTEPAD (Go to start click on RUN and type NOTEPAD and press enter, if you are using Windows XP, but if you are using Windows 7 just go to start and type NOTEPAD and press your enter key on your keyboard) and copy the HTML codes below and paste it into the NOTEPAD you have opened then edit it:

< meta content='ENTER YOUR KEYWORDS HERE’ name='keywords'/ >
< meta content='ENTER YOUR DESCRIPTION HERE' name='description'/ >

All you have to do is to change those words in CAPITALs to the necessary words. But note that your description must note exceed 500 characters. Then after which you might have finished your editing, you have to LOGIN into your blogger account and go to TEMPLATES, and Click on the edit HTML. Press Ctrl+F from your keyboard and search for

<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>

And immediately after the code copy the codes from your NOTEPAD and paste it below the code above and save your templates. That is all


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