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Do you know that there are many ways in which you can centralize Titles and Description on Blogger blog. But If you are not yet using an header banner for your Blogger blog its right time for you to start using it now, and you can still make use of the title and description of your blog to show up at the middle of your header by adding some piece of code to your blog HTML.

How To Get Started

Log in to your Blogger dashboard

Click on "Template" (on the right hand side menu).

Click on the "Customize" button. This will open up the "Template Designer"

On the left menu, you will see "Advanced", Click on it.

A new menu will appear by the right. Scroll down till you see"Add CSS". Click on it.

A box will appear by the right hand side. Copy and paste the code below in it

<!--SkyeConcept Centralize Begin -->
.Header h1, .Header .description{
<!--SkyeConcept Centralize End -->

Click "Apply to Blog" by the top right hand corner.

If you view your blog, the title and description should now be at the center of your blog header as seen in the picture below:

That's all.


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